11:00 19.05.2022

Start of the event "Lost Letters"!

The "Victory Stars" event has just ended, and we are already in a hurry to please you with a new quest! In honor of the approaching summer, we decided to launch the event "Lost Letters"!
To activate it, you need to take a special task from the Gate Bregal NPC and receive Letters for killing monsters.

Collect all the letters from the word K.A.R.O.S

But how to do it?
A player of level 20 and above will have 3 quests available as part of the event:
  • "Box with letters" (The player needs to defeat 400 mobs, the level of which is selected individually)
  • "Spring Gift" (After collecting all the letters, the player receives one item from the list below).
  • "Happy cube of spring flowers" (After collecting all the letters, the player receives one item from the list below).

Each level has its own opponent. To get one cherished letter, you need to defeat 400 monsters of the appropriate rank (200 mobs of one kind and 200 mobs of another). Which monsters need to be killed, our kind assistant will tell you Gate Bregal!
After finding all consonants and vowels, you can open or Spring box, or A happy cube of spring flowers that needs a key. Below - details about the prizes!

The composition of the Spring box

Small OZ Increase Potion (24 hours)1
Small OM Increase Potion (24 hours)1
Flower of Luck1
Vrok Extract5
The Summoning Book1
Champion 's Emblem1
Booster OR +50%1
Activity Potion2
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion2
Medium OZ Quick Recovery Potion10
Medium Quick Recovery Potion OM10
Medium Recovery Potion10

The composition of the Happy cube of spring flowers

Champion 's Emblem1
[Rare.] Soul Weapon Coupon1
Golden Phoenix1
The Reborn Phoenix1
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion15
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion10
Medium Recovery Potion40
Medium Quick Recovery Potion OM50
Lucky Stone2
Protective capsule2
Activity Potion15
Booster OR +50%1
The Summoning Book10
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion5
Medium OZ Quick Recovery Potion75
Vrok Extract5
Weapon protection2
Activity Potion10
Armor Protection3
Hot chocolate5
Christmas candy5
Christmas cookies5

Hurry up to find all the letters and exchange them for the necessary prizes!