The plot


Scorched earth:

The lands of Eristum remain free from the power of both coalitions. The vast amount of resources in this region makes Eristum a priority target for capture and retention for both Creta and Hellas. But faction leaders are in no hurry to unleash a new conflict. Using local lords as intermediaries, each of the coalitions wants to attract local residents to their side — residents as harsh as the desert itself.

Over time, Eristum has become a real center of trade. Now there you can find goods from all corners of the Azmar Empire and even from the distant lands of the desert. Rumor has it that the people of Eristum will soon join one of the coalitions.


Eristum was once full of life, and its fertile lands were completely covered with greenery. But constant conflicts and frequent monster raids have turned this land into a barren desert. Fortunately, the locals managed to discover an oasis whose waters never dried up. They decided to settle in this place.

The harsh conditions of Eristum have turned people into excellent fighters, hardy and well-armed. It is precisely such warriors who want to attract the coalition to their side. But many high officials refuse to recognize the inhabitants of Eristum as subjects of the Empire, mistakenly considering them ordinary savages.

The people of Eristum are not inferior in their pride to the Imperials of Azmara, they have always defeated the invaders and repelled the raids of monsters!