Flettoweapons and Flettoarmor

Creation of a flattosphere

First you need to create a flat item. This guide has been compiled using the example of enchanting a flottoweapon. The enchanting process for Fletto Armor is identical to the enchanting process for Flettoweapons.

  • Find the character Dalton (Berneo) or Moimuth (Lupinelle) in the city.
  • In a conversation with him, select "Craft".

! [Fletto Weapon and Fletto Armor] (

Now you know what it takes to create a flotto weapon.

Where to get resources

  • Fletto Blossom Shard is obtained by [fishing] (/ about / other / fishing /) or [mining] (/ about / other / mining /).
  • Recipe for Fletto Blossom can be obtained by killing monsters.
  • Red Latium is obtained through mining.
  • Flatta concentrate can be obtained as follows. Buy a container for flatt concentrate from the consumables store, then right-click it and your character's unallocated flat point will turn into flatt concentrate.

! [Fletto Weapon and Fletto Armor] (

The enchantment process

  • Find the character Oliver (Berneo) or Bransel (Lupinelle) in the city.
  • In a conversation with him, select the "Fletto Flowers Enchantment" item.

! [Fletto Weapon and Fletto Armor] (

The initial level of flotto weapons and flotto armor is always "D".

A successful enchantment raises the level of the flotto weapon and flotto armor. Levels can only be raised in a specific sequence:

D> C, C> B, B> A, A> S, S> SS.

An enchantment attempt can end with one of the following options.

  • Successful enchantment: the item's enchantment level is increased.
  • Partial failure: the item's enchantment level does not increase, but the main flottosphere remains in the backpack.
  • Complete failure: the main and additional flattospheres disappear from the backpack.

Rules of enchantment

As the level of enchantment increases, the chance to break the flat item increases.

Enchanting resources and one (minor) flattosphere disappear after each enchanting attempt.

Protection of enchantment

! [Fletto Weapon and Fletto Armor] (

To prevent the main flattosphere from disappearing, you should use the protection of the flattoweapon or flattosphere. You can purchase protection from the game's GXP store.

If the required number of items of protection is in your character's backpack, then when enchanting you will be offered two options.

  • Enchant without protection.
  • Enchant with protection.

At each level of enchantment, a certain amount of protection items are required to prevent the disappearance of the main flottosphere. Sometimes the presence of protection prevents the disappearance of the additional flattosphere.

Enchantment Level Number of items of protection
D> C 1
C> B 2
B> A 5
A> S 7
S> SS ten