While fishing, you can fish out the materials needed to create items, and if you're lucky, special shells that can be put on the line in the game with the fishmonger character. Take a chance! Play Carloto! After all, you can win a super prize - a Fletto Blossom Shard!

! [Fishing] (

How to start fishing

Buy a fishing rod and go fishing to the river or lake as soon as possible (fishing spots are marked on the map)!

Once you see the hook above the water, right-click. Fishing will begin.

The catch information will be shown in the window on the left side of the screen.

! [Fishing] (

Random exchange

Captured shells can be exchanged with a fishmonger. Remember there is a chance of failure. However, if the exchange succeeds, then you will be able to receive one of the items selected by the system (10 shells are removed for each attempt).

Collect Fletto Blossom Shards

To obtain a Fletto Blossom Shard, go to the fishmonger. You will need goldfish and goldfish bones to increase your chances of winning.

If luck is on your side, you will be generously rewarded and receive a Fletto Blossom Shard (one goldfish and one goldfish bone are required for each attempt).

! [Fishing] (


To play Carloto, go to the fishmonger and grab the shells you have caught with you. Choose one of the Carloto levels (low, medium or high). The higher the level of Carloto, the more shells are required to play. (To play Carloto level D, you need 50 shells. With each subsequent level, this number increases by 50.)

You may fail, but if you are lucky, you will receive one of the items randomly selected by the system.

How to play Carloto

Select the desired level of Carloto. Remember: the more shells you catch, the higher your chances of winning.

Click "Continue". A download bar will appear.

Wait a few seconds to find out which prize you have won.