Sacred beings

One of the features of the game is a sacred animal. Each player can possess only one sacred animal at a time and the appearance of the animal always corresponds to the level of character development, thus being an indicator of its strength.

Священное животное
  1. The totem of the sacred animal is a unique feature of the world of Karos. In the game, he is a shoulder armor, from which the player can summon a riding creature.

  2. A player can become the owner of a sacred creature in the following way: buy or create it from resources from a special NPC — the head of sacred animals, as well as receive as a reward for some tasks.

  3. The player can place the riding creature as a shoulder armor in a special slot of the Sacred Animal. It can be invoked by pressing the corresponding "V" key. The summoned creature significantly increases the character's movement speed.

  4. Like armor and weapons, a Sacred Animal can also be improved.
Священное животное