Enchantment of weapons and armor

You can increase the amount of damage inflicted on enemies or increase your character's defense by enchanting your weapons and armor. With each new level of enchantment, the characteristics of the item will increase.

The process of enchantment

To enchant weapons, you will need a weapon enchant scroll and the weapon itself that you want to enchant. To enchant armor, you will need an armor enchant scroll and the equipment item itself. Enchantment scrolls can be purchased from a character marked "Consumables Store" or made from the required materials from him.

Just right-click on the enchantment scroll, and then left-click on your weapon. In case of successful enchantment, the weapon level will increase by 1.

Чарование оружия и брони

An attempt at enchantment can end in one of the following options.

  • Successful enchantment: The enchantment level of the item increases.
  • Partial failure: The enchantment level of the item does not increase, and the item remains in the backpack.
  • Complete failure: the item breaks (disappears from the backpack).

Rules of enchantment

  • Enchantment of weapons and armor on +1, +2, +3 is always successful.
  • When enchanted by +4 or more, the item may break.
  • As the enchantment level increases, the chance of breaking an item increases.
  • The scroll disappears after each enchantment attempt.

Increase the chance of successful enchantment

You can increase your chances of success by using a Lucky Stone during enchantment.

To apply it, you need to tick the box to the right of the item in the enchantment window.

You can buy a Lucky stone in the GXP store in the game or on the website.

Чарование оружия и брони

Protection of enchantment

Чарование оружия и брони

To prevent weapons and armor from disappearing, you should use enchantment protection. You can purchase protection in the game's GXP store.

If the required number of protection items is in your character's backpack, then when enchanting you will be offered two options.

  • Enchant without protection.
  • Enchant with protection.
Enchantment Level Number of protection items, Weapons Number of protection items, Armor
+3 > +4 1 1
+4 > +5 3 2
+5 > +6 6 4
+6 > +7 9 7
+7 > +8 12 9
+8 > +9 14 12
+9 > +10 16 14
+10 > +11 18 16
+11 > +12 21 18
+12 > +13 23 21