Berneo is part of the fortress of Berneon, built to protect the state from the barbaric tribe of Iverts living in the west of Azmaran.

The region is located in the eastern part of the mouth of the Borneo River, a tributary of Lake Pantas. The mouth is a huge wetland, as the sea level drops sharply only as it approaches the interior of the country. Mirod, located in the lower reaches of the Mirod River, is the main city in Berne, the source of the Empire's supplies. Hemp is produced here, copper is mined, wheat and pumpkin are grown.

The most fertile lands are located in the south of the Mirod River. In the north, there are picturesque landscapes and the endless Dansel Valley, the beginning of which lies at the foot of the Lisaro Mountains, in the northern part of Lupinel.

The wettest place is located in the southwestern part of Miroda, so the main reserves of fletta are concentrated here. The glow emitted by fletta creates an atmosphere of mystery and mystery. But besides the beauty of Berne, it is a land where the past keeps its secrets, a land where the blood of hundreds of thousands of warriors was shed.

Characters in the city of Berneo

  • Bieta — Fishmonger's shop
  • Marcus — Miner's Shop
  • Clothing and fabric seller — Armor Store
  • Dalton — Weapons Store
  • Eileen — Consumables Store
  • Oliver — Flat flowers Store
  • Simpson — Craftsman
  • Emily— Head of Sacred animals
  • Sharan — Jewelry Store
  • Ane — Warehouse
  • Official — Special craft
  • Dungeon Keeper
  • Eolo — Guild Manager
  • Kristina — Teleport
  • Kilias — Mentor

Ways of communication of the city of Berne


  • The city of Lupinel
  • Berneo Outpost
  • Zeron Island Dock