Necromancer's laboratory

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Welcome to the lair of evil. The abode of the necromancers is a dangerous and intricate labyrinth created so that no living soul could reach the heart of the laboratory and learn the secrets of the inner circle of black magicians.

To get to the laboratory of the necromancers, you have to make the collected key of darkness from the fragments of the key in the necromancer's workshop, which can be obtained from the guards of the dungeon, and find the entrance in the labyrinth of the workshop.

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Use your wits and flair to get to the dark queen and fight her in this deadly maze. Finding her is not an easy task, but it will be even more difficult to win this battle.

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Fighting necromancers in the laboratory, you can get weapons and equipment at level 103. For defeating the boss, you have a chance to get a powerful weapon at level 103 and a new craft item - adamantium, which will become the basis for making a new legendary weapon for characters who have reached level 105.

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From black magicians, sorcerers and wizards, you can get various crystals as loot, which you will need to create a key that opens the way to the laboratory of another world.

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After collecting 5 crystals of each type, you can combine them into a crystal of darkness from an artisan in Karanin Castle for 20,000 carats. To make a key to another world, you need to make 1000 crystals of darkness and combine them with the collected key of darkness from the necromancer's workshop.

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Having received the necessary items, you can collect the key to enter the next dungeon - the laboratory of another world.

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