After the end of the Ferna war, the Brokion continent of the planet Azmara was relatively calm. The fighters, trying to find flatt and flatto flowers, fragments of the ancient Kafernel civilization, were somewhat confused. For 500 years, they fought in bloody battles across the continent, fought fierce battles - all in order to strengthen the power of their people.

Emperor Hass persistently pursued one goal: to collect as much flatt as possible and with its help destroy Malex the Almighty, heir to the throne of darkness.

Another name is mentioned in the story - Kera, the bride of Malex, the queen of darkness exuding evil and hatred, who sought to keep power in her hands for as long as possible.

! [History] (

The forces of light and darkness focused entirely on increasing economic and military power. But the worst thing was that flotto flowers began to disappear from the face of the earth.

Fearing that the flotto flowers might not be enough to resurrect Malex, the forces of darkness took a cruel step: they began to sacrifice living beings, including members of their people. During the Ferna War (612 - 623) hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. The surviving soldiers of darkness were sent to the fields of flatta in order to collect this mythical substance. The power of the forces of darkness became stronger and stronger and never before threatened so many disasters as now (660). A huge number of people, among whom were not only flat seekers, went missing. Until now, many are tormented by only one question: why?

! [History] (

In 666, the forces of darkness learned that Malex would turn to ash if his resurrection was further delayed. The defenders of light, in turn, found out that Ret, the heir to the throne of light, would also perish if the forces of darkness still manage to resurrect their master (662).

The envoys of the forces of light at all costs had to save their heir to the throne, driving out the demons. To achieve their goal at the Council of Flatta, they made a pact between themselves to unite armies and magical energies. This is how the Federation of Cafernel was formed, named after the god of light. However, due to a shortage of flotto flowers, internal conflicts erupted, as a result of which the Federation had to change its strategy and take a tougher position. Only war could force the forces of darkness to return all the energy of flatta.

Now the servants of darkness had to get what they had been asking for so long - war! As a reward for defeating the enemy, the envoys of light are still ready to give mines with flatta to those who can win them from the dark and defend them. And whoever succeeds in destroying Malex's soul and getting rid of Kera will receive the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Federation army.

Now Brokion is a continuous battlefield where brave warriors prove their ability to fight for good and justice. But defeating the forces of darkness is not so easy!

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Whether you return with a shield or on a shield is entirely up to you.

Your fate is in your hands.