Laboratory of another world

The laboratory of another world is the final dungeon of the global update "War with the Undead", in which you have to fight the lord of the necromancers — the dark king.

To get into the laboratory of another world, you have to make a key to another world from the crystals of darkness and the collected key of darkness, the resources for which can be obtained in the laboratory and workshop of the necromancer.

Ключ к другому миру.

The dungeon is a confusing labyrinth, like the necromancer's laboratory, but inhabited by more dangerous creatures — magical golems that obey the dark king.

Fighting golems in the laboratory of another world, you will be able to get rare weapons and equipment to level 103. For defeating the boss, you have a chance to get powerful armor at level 103 and a new craft item — adamantium, which will become the basis for making new legendary weapons for characters who have reached level 105.


With golems, you can get various fragments as loot that you will need to purify adamantium and make legendary level 105 weapons from it.

Фрагмент голема (огонь) Фрагмент голема (лед) Фрагмент голема (дерево) Фрагмент голема (земля) Фрагмент голема (камень) Фрагмент голема (железо)

After collecting 100 fragments of each type and 5 adamantium units, you can combine them into purified adamantium from a craftsman in Karanin Castle for 20,000 carats.

Очищенный адамантий