Key to the Nava Catacombs

If you want to get Legendary Weapons and other treasures from the dark catacombs, you will have to try and overcome many obstacles.

To go to conquer the dungeon, you must provide the Key to the Catacombs of Nava to the guardian of the dungeon named Garcia.

The Nava Catacomb Key can be crafted by Najarop , a material merchant from Castle Karanin. In addition to the Catacomb Key , he will help you craft other useful items, including Shiny Stones of Ancient Knowledge (to give additional characteristics to legendary weapons) and even Superior Stones of the Wise!

You can find out more about the craft of Najarop and the materials required from the table below. Many of them will be useful to you in the future for the manufacture of new equipment and powerful weapons.

Subject Required Qty.
Orichalcum block Copper Ore 5 pieces.
Adamant Essence Adamant Ore 1 PC.
Orichalcum block 1 PC.
Shining Adamant Crystal of Magic 1 PC.
Orichalcum block 1 PC.
Adamant Essence 1 PC.
Excellent Stone of the Wise Stone of Ancient Knowledge 5 pieces.
Stone of the Wise 20 pcs.
Shiny Stone of Ancient Knowledge Stone of Ancient Knowledge 100 pieces.
Key to the Nava Catacombs A piece of metal from the Alazmo mine 1 PC.
Fragment of toy Navskaya battle rat 1 PC.
Forked Key of the Master of Assassins 1 PC.

Fragments of the key are scattered throughout the desert, and you will have to show a fair amount of patience and courage to piece them together.

The first of the shards, Naval War Rat Toy Fragment , can be obtained by hunting the insidious inhabitants of the desert - the War Rats! They are found in the south and center of Eristum.

! [Key to the Catacombs of Nava] (

Next, your path lies in the camp of the deadly assassins. You will have to fight the Lord of Assassins to get the second key fragment.

! [Key to the Catacombs of Nava] (

Finally, it's time to get the last piece. It will be more difficult to get it than the previous two. To the north, in the Ancient Ruins of Eristum, an evil Manticore dwells, surrounded by his assistants. In addition to the last part of the key, you can get Vrokian Extract and even Mighty Weapon as loot! But defeating Manticore is incredibly difficult! You will need the help of your friends to defeat her!

! [Key to the Catacombs of Nava] (

However, even if you are defeated while fighting Manticore, you can always try to get the last part of the key during [mining] (/ about / other / mining /) in the Abandoned Alazmo Mine.

Also, the ready-made key can be purchased from the coalition merchant Donnie Stark, in Berneo.

! [Nava Catacombs Key] (

Once you've gathered all three Key Fragments together, take them to Najarop , the Materials Trader at Castle Karanin . You are now ready to go on a treasure hunt in the Nava Catacombs!