Catacombs of the Luper Chapel

Катакомбы Люперской капеллы

The Zendarun catacombs are an ancient underground passage created by humans. This place was once the grave of soldiers who died during the Fern War. Until the catacombs were discovered by Kakanteros, they were considered a safe place. Now anyone can challenge the bloodthirsty monster and fight him. All four paths lead to it. But until you offer a worthy sacrifice, Kakanteros will not open the door. Maybe you can get the better of whoever is hiding behind the castle?

In this dungeon you will meet elite low-level monsters, as well as the final boss Kakanteros inhabiting at the end.

How to get into the Catacombs of the Luper Chapel:

  • Talk to Anne in Berneo and take the task "Before it's too late!". At the end of the task you will receive a Dark Mark.
  • Talk to the Dungeon Keeper who is standing next to the Official.
  • The group that entered this dungeon can count on good loot.

(The Dark mark can be knocked out by hunting monsters in dungeons, especially monsters of darkness)