Demonic equipment

In the global Zastava update, you have the opportunity to equip your character with new demonic armor and weapons at level 106. The unbridled magical energy of the Outpost gives the armor extraordinary durability and gives the weapon incredible strength, which will help you overcome the dangerous inhabitants of the Outpost and your enemies during the bloody battle for the castle.

Demon Equipment for Swordsman

Demon Equipment for Paladin

Demon Equipment for a Tramp

Demon Equipment for the Enchantress

Demon Equipment for the Archer

Demon Equipment for the Witch

Demon Equipment for the Gunner

Obtaining powerful Level 106 equipment:

In order to acquire the best equipment, the heroes will have to fight with the powerful commanders of the mysterious detachment that previously held the Outpost castle. While their main forces are concentrated under the castle walls, the commanders are closely monitoring the situation throughout the Outpost.

In the north, not far from the castle, the territory is patrolled by the mentor of the witches, surrounded by his soldiers and adepts.

In the east, in a mountain gorge, the commander of the swordsmen settled.

The leader of the vagabonds lies in wait for travelers in the south, in ancient ruins.

In the west, near the abandoned chapel and cemetery, the commander of the paladins keeps his relentless watch.

Commanders have a significant amount of health and a powerful attack, a battle with them can be a real challenge for unprepared players. For defeating each of them, you have a chance to get an element of powerful demonic equipment — armor or weapons for level 106 characters. The appearance of a new commander at the Outpost may take some time.