Game assistant

Each player has access to the Karos assistant, which simplifies the killing of monsters and allows the player to rest while his character will bravely fight the monsters.

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The game assistant's icon is by default moved to the quick access panel (skill bar) at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot find it in this panel, open the "Skills" of your character (key K) and go to the "Action" tab. You will see the game assistant's icon and you can call up the window for its settings.

Also, the settings window can be called by pressing the [key.

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Setting up Karos Assistant is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Automatic use of items.

To configure this option, you need to check the box next to "Automatic use of items".

Activate the use of the Consumable by checking the box next to it. Next, from the drop-down menu, select an indicator (health - HP or mana - PS), which will serve as a condition for using the item.

In the next cell, you need to write at what amount of the specified indicator your character will use the item.

The last cell in the row is for the consumable that will be used. This can be a potion of instant regeneration or, for example, a stone for returning to the city. Transfer it from your inventory to this slot.

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Auto collection

In the "Other" column, you can set up automatic collection of trophies falling from monsters during a hunt. Be careful: your character will collect all the resources falling from the monsters, regardless of their usefulness.

To activate, you must put a tick in front of this item.

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Automatic aiming

Make sure auto aim is activated.

Without it, the launch of the game assistant Karos is impossible.

Radius of action.

You can choose the range of the game assistant. The radius is calculated from the point at which you launched the Karos helper, and affects the size of the territory within which your character will choose monsters to attack.

Choosing a monster.

You can choose which monsters your character will attack: all that are within the range of the game assistant or select up to two types of monsters from the drop-down list. Do not forget to put a check mark in front of each of the selected monsters.

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You can also customize the skills your character will use.

To do this, you need to activate the battle settings on the "Settings" tab of the Karos assistant by checking the box next to this option.

Battle settings

Found in the second tab of the Karos helper.

Check the box next to "Auto Aim" in order to activate the cells in which you can place skills.

Under each cell, you can set the priority of using the skill. If all the skills installed in these slots are ready for use, the skill with the highest priority will be used first.

In these cells, you can also install spells that enhance the character (buffs). Support abilities will be used automatically as soon as they recover from the last use.

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To start the game assistant, it remains to press the "Start" button and your character will independently attack the monsters.

If your game assistant is already set up, you can press the] key to turn on the Karos assistant.