Legendary weapons

With the global update "War with the Undead", the heroes of Azmara have access to powerful new equipment and weapons that can be obtained in new dungeons. In addition, the Courier from Karanin Castle discovered the secret of making a new legendary weapon of level 105. But he will need your help and materials to make it.

Большой меч священного духа Копье священного духа Меч священного духа Дуэльный кинжал священного духа Дуэльный меч священного духа Лук священного духа Волшебная палочка священного духа Посох священного духа Ружьё священного духа Пушка священного духа Щит священного духа

A distinctive feature of the new legendary weapon is its special property — the slavery of the soul, which reduces the speed of attack and movement of the target.

To make the legendary Sacred Spirit weapon, you will need:

Блестящий камень древнего знания (100 шт.) Эссенция великого завоевателя (10 шт.) Очищенный адамантий (1 шт.) Караты (5 000 000 ед.)

Like all legendary weapons, when assembled, it will receive a set of four special characteristics randomly selected.

Starting from the +7 level of enchantment, various additional characteristics can be added to legendary weapons with the help of shiny stones of ancient knowledge from any craftsman, in the "characteristics of enchantment" menu.

Brilliant stones of ancient knowledge can be obtained by combining ordinary stones of ancient knowledge from an artisan.

The essence of the great conqueror can be obtained as loot from the boss Ice Talos, in the Catacombs of Nava, or by disassembling legendary items.

Purified adamantium is made from resources that can be obtained from monsters and dungeon bosses living in the necromancer's laboratory and the laboratory of another world.