Outpost war

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Purpose of capture and defense of the castle:

The battle for a new castle takes place at the Outpost location. The master of any guild can apply for the capture of the castle on any of the channels. The battle will begin 3 hours later, after assigning a capture, which will remind players of the corresponding notification.

The capture cannot be declared until the castle defense period has expired, which can be extended by the guild master.

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  • Conditions for extending the protection period: *

  • 3-day protection period is imposed on the castle after the end of the war;
  • Master of the guild has the ability to extend the protection action once;
  • Available three degrees of prolongation of protection of different duration;

Members of the guild that captured the castle can freely teleport inside using the appropriate NPCs located at the castle gates and in the city.

Gate and Recovery:

Before reaching the battle tower and capturing the battle gem, attacking players must destroy three gates that protect the inner courtyard of the fortress. The defenders of the castle, for their part, can repair the gate in order to delay the invaders. Repairs can be made at an NPC near the gate itself.

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Points earning:

The guild with the most points wins the war and gets the right to own the castle. You can familiarize yourself with the rules for obtaining points from the table below. Points are earned only by members of the guild. The duration of the battle is 90 minutes.

Condition Glasses
Capture a War Gem ten
Hold Battle Gem (1 minute) 5
Killing an Opponent 0.5
50 units of damage inflicted on the gate 1
The final capture of the gem after the end of the war thirty
  • The rest of the rules are identical to the capture of the mine in Lupinel. *


The guild that captured the castle receives a special buff as a reward, which applies to all its members. The buff is valid until the start of the next battle for the castle (the duration of the buff is 60 minutes, it is updated with each entry into the game).

! [The joy of victory:] (

  • Attack power + 5.0%
  • Phys. defense + 10.0%
  • Mage. defense + 10.0%
  • Max. HP + 5.0%
  • Max. ОМ + 5.0%

In addition, until the next siege begins, a useful item will appear in the guild storage every day.

! [Secret box:] (

Subject Qty.
! [Warrior Spirit Level 2] ( ten
! [Mysterious Pattern] ( 5
! [Stone of Ancient Knowledge] ( 5
! [Potion of Activity] ( 2
! [Game Assistant Vitality Potion] ( 2