The Sacred Cube

The global update "Tierra del Fuego" has brought a lot of new products! Even the Happy Cube, familiar to everyone, has acquired an advanced version called the Sacred Happy Cube!

**Счастливый Куб** **Священный Счастливый Куб**

Unlike its younger brother, The Sacred Lucky Cube contains items of exceptional value, but for this reason it is not so easy to get it.

Священный Куб

Every hero of Azmara can try his luck in pursuit of this incredible treasure!

There are several ways to become an owner The Sacred Happy Cube:

**Охота на монстров.** Вы можете охотиться на обычных монстров, обитающих в Эристуме. С некоторой вероятностью в качестве добычи с любого из них можно получить **Священный Счастливый Куб.** Священный Куб

Mining of ore. With some probability, you can get The Sacred Lucky Cube while mining ore in the Alazmo Mine.

Священный Куб

Catacombs of Nava. The Sacred Lucky Cube is a frequent loot from the main boss of the dungeon.

By opening the Sacred Lucky Cube , you can get the following treasures:

**Золотой феникс** **Купон на улучшенный костюм** **Могущественные крылья** **Камень настройки брони и оружия** **Эссенция великого завоевателя** И даже **Ключ от Катакомб Нава**

For more information about the composition of the Sacred Happy Cube, see the table:

Item Quantity
The key to the catacombs of Nava 1
Champion's Emblem 1
Oliphant 1
Sacred Red Skull 1
Sacred Blue Skull 1
Sacred Yellow Skull 1
Sacred Ruby 1
Sacred Sapphire 1
Sacred topaz 1
Sacred Amethyst 1
Sacred diamond 1
Sacred Rune of Energy 1
Sacred Mana Rune 1
Sacred Rune of the earth 1
Sacred Rune of air 1
Rare rune of fire 1
Rare Water Rune 1
Golden Phoenix 1
Coupon for an improved suit (top) (eternal) 1
Coupon for an improved suit (bottom) (eternal) 1
Coupon for an improved suit (gloves) (eternal) 1
Coupon for an improved suit (shoes) (eternal) 1
Demon Wings 1
Angel Wings 1
Weapon Setting Stone 5
Armor Setting Stone 5
Wings of Chaos 1
Unidentified Exceptional Scroll of Honor 1
Booster OR +75% 1
Soul Stone Box 1
The shining stone of ancient knowledge 20
Essence of the Great Conqueror 1
Great Health Recovery Potion 10
Large Mana Recovery Potion 10
Stone of ancient knowledge 100
The Excellent Stone of the Wise 50
Vrok'ian extract 60
Activity Potion 50
Game Assistant Vitality Potion 50