Lupinel is an area of mining and deep–sea fishing. It is here that Zendarun, the largest shipyard in Azmar, is located. Recently, Luminel has become one of the largest trade centers, along with Peltrok. The people here have always been distinguished by their refined culture and pride in their city, which once served as the temporary capital of Azmara during the holy war of Kasgar.

Located at the mouth of the Mirod River, between the South Azmara Peninsula and Mount Ursulus, Lupinel has a dry climate all year round.

In mid-August, a large amount of precipitation falls, brought by powerful currents of warm and humid oceanic air. Due to this, the lands of Lupinel are rich and fertile. But even so, most of the territory remains quite dry.

Characters in the city of Lupinel

  • Steve — Fishmonger's Shop
  • Selrin — Jewelry store
  • Erectus — Armor Shop
  • Pallen — Miner's Shop
  • Philip — Craftsman
  • Rachel — Consumables store
  • Clone — Warehouse
  • Symphony — Assignment
  • Cecilia — Teleport
  • Moimut — Weapons Store
  • Salibent — Task
  • Melorin — Head of sacred animals
  • Bransel — Flat flowers Store
  • Dungeon Keeper

Ways of communication of the city of Lupinel


  • Entrance to Ant Mountain
  • The Swamp of Sadness
  • The city of Berne
  • The city of Tempteron