Mine seizure

One of the major events in the world of Azmar is the battle for the mine located in Lupinel.

Owning this mine is what the guilds are striving for, because the rightful owners of the mine will bathe in flat and carats! Fierce battles are taking place for the right to own the mine, the forces of magic and steel merge in a single deadly vortex! Victory awaits only the strongest, bravest and steadfast warriors and warriors of the Legion!

Захват рудника

The battle for the mine takes place once a week. After a mine is captured, the master of the guild that owns it can specify the time of the next capture. A maximum of 6 guilds can participate in the capture of the mine, including the guild that owns the mine. All participants have exactly one hour to capture and protect the jewels that can be mined after the victory!

A guild that is already registered for capture in one channel cannot register for a battle on another.

Rules of participation

  • All guilds with more than 20 members have the right to register for the capture of the mine.
  • The registration fee for the guild is 100,000 carats. This registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Guilds need to register 20 hours before the start of the mine takeover.
  • Among those who applied to participate in the battle for the mine, the system selects those 5 guilds that have the highest amount of guild member levels. Any number of guilds can apply for participation in the battle.

How to register

  • The guild master should approach Cortez, the caretaker of the mine in Lupinel.
  • Talk to Cortez and select the "Property Problem - Call" button.
  • Guild masters will be asked to pay a registration fee of 100,000 Carats.
  • After the guild masters confirm their participation, a window will appear confirming the registration of guilds in the capture.
  • The guild master can check if the guild has registered with Cortez. To do this, select the "Competing Guilds" line in the dialog box, after which a window will appear showing all registered guilds.


The purpose of capturing the mine is to destroy the battle towers and capture the battle stone by the time the battle time expires. The battle tower has a certain number of HP. To capture a war stone, double-click (or right-click) on it. If the guild master can hold the Battle Stone for 1 minute, it comes under his control. A guild member needs 2 minutes to capture a stone. In case of capture, rival guilds will be teleported to the city, the battle towers will be restored and the battle will be repeated anew. Other guilds may try to take the stone away again while the battle is going on. The guild must protect him until the time allotted for the battle expires — 1 hour.


The winning guild is declared the owner of the Lupinel mine and has the following privileges: members of the guild that owns the mine have the right to mine for free.

All other channel players must ask for permission to mine in the area, as well as pay for mining time in Carats every 30 seconds while at the mine.

There is a limit on the number of people who can mine in the mine area, so a request for a mining permit may be refused if this limit is exceeded.

60% of the collected loot fee will be given to the owner guild.