Zeron Island

Остров Зерон

The island of Zeron is the birthplace of the Seroins. Located in the southwestern part of Azmaran, the island is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world. Ferocious monsters, pirates and elementals live here, and nature is so diverse that no traveler will remain indifferent. Vast golden beaches, hills of flaming magma, raging waves of coral bays and jungles surrounding the island with a thick green wall – all this is Zeron.

Characters in the city of Zeron

  • Simson — Craftsman
  • Anna — Warehouse
  • Oliver — Flat flowers Store
  • Clothing and fabric seller — Armor Store
  • Dalton — Weapons Store
  • Kristina — Teleport
  • Kekel — chapter

Ways of communication of the city of Zeron

  • The city of Balason
  • The city of Berne
  • The coast of Mara Maban of the island of Zeron