The Test Room

Зал испытаний

For centuries, experienced Karos warriors have been trying to create the best, in their opinion, system for training the younger generation. After much thought, they created a gym, taking as a basis a training room in a Hoodie. The Hall of Trials is an ever–changing labyrinth controlled by demonic charms. Karos sends only worthy warriors here so that they can prove their right to move to the next class. At first glance, it may seem that the dungeon is nothing more than an ordinary structure with old walls, but in fact, life flows in these dead walls.…

In this dungeon you will meet elite low-level monsters, as well as the final boss - the Master of tests. It is designed for quick passage by a group and has no limit on the number of people in it.

How to get into the Test Room:

  • Talk to the Dungeon Keeper located in the east of Berneo.
  • There is no level limit in this dungeon.
  • The dungeon is recorded for the group and is designed to complete tasks and gain experience.