Ant Cave

Муравьиная пещера

During the Fern War, miners from Azmara explored the slopes of Lupinel in search of Fletta. It was then that they discovered the cave connecting Lupinel with the ice Tempteron. There were no huge reserves of fletta there, but what the miners saw seemed implausible – colonies of giant ants. People tried in every possible way to exterminate insects, but it was all in vain. Now the tunnel is an abandoned place, although there are still rumors that one miner still managed to escape. But how? After all, more than one century has passed…

In this dungeon you will meet a lot of monsters of a fairly high level, in addition, the boss Ant Queen lives at the very bottom. To complete the dungeon, you will need a group of players of 30 levels.

How to get into the Ant Cave:

  • At the teleport in Lupinel, select the Entrance to Ant Mountain.
  • You will have to go a short way to reach the entrance to the dungeon.
  • There is no level limit in this dungeon.
  • This dungeon does not require a special pass and is open to all players.