The core element of the entire game is Fletta - the magical power that every living creature in the world is endowed with. In the game, she will meet you in different forms:

! [Fletta] (

  • In the form of fragments of Fletto flowers.
  • As a concentrate of Fletta. One of the NPC artisans will help you create it.
  • In the form of Fletta's points received for killing enemies.
  • In the form of Fletta crystals obtained from two Fletta concentrates.
  • In the form of flotto flower recipes, specific items for the craft. They drop from a number of low-level monsters.

The above items from Fletta are used in the following cases:

  • Fletto Blossom Shards are used to craft Fletta's weapons and armor. You need 40 shards for armor and 50 for weapons.
  • Fletta's Concentrate is also used to create Fletta's weapons and armor, and Fletta's crystals. To create weapons and armor, you need 1 concentrate and to create a crystal 2.
  • Fletta's Crystals are mostly used to create mounts. And also used to create scrolls to improve armor and weapons.
  • Fletta's points are earned for killing monsters. The more the level of the monster is higher than yours, the more points you get. Points are used to improve specific characteristics of the character.
  • Fletta's recipes are used to craft Fletta's weapons and armor.