Moderately tall and red-skinned, People have good thinking and diplomatic abilities, however, they are physically weaker than all other races and not too strong in the craft art. Representatives of People can choose two professions — Swordsman and Paladin.

Расы The Swordsman: A fighter initially capable of using both two-handed swords and spears. A swordsman can fight several enemies at the same time, applying powerful blows to the area and hitting opponents with stunning and throwing attacks. In battle, they are in the vanguard of the detachment, and their role is to break through the enemy's defenses, aiming to hit the most important targets. Read the guide

Расы Paladin: Beautiful warriors of light, armed with sword and shield. The holy energy emanating from them brings support to the comrades-in-arms. By the power of their prayers, they are able to heal allies from wounds. A paladin is an inexhaustible source of strength and valor, whose holy aura tirelessly fills the hearts of warriors with courage. Read the guide


The gloomy and slightly pessimistic representatives of the Shadow race come from the East of the Azmar Empire. However, perhaps the contrived longing and a certain detachment from the outside world are a consequence of the great mystery that the Shadows absorb with their mother's milk — an ancient magical power, the power over which is not available to other races of Azmara. By choosing a race of Shadows, you can become a Tramp and a Sorceress.

Расы Tramp: fighters full of deadly grace, with a weapon in each hand. They seek to evade enemy strikes and respond to them with an explosive deadly attack. Tramps consider the use of brute force unworthy. Their fight is, first of all, a style, and they themselves are true masters of martial arts. Read the guide

Расы Enchantress: Enchantresses are famous for their curses, bringing a slow and painful death to anyone who dared to stand in their way. Their spells cause terrible pain, causing the target to wither before their eyes in the agony of monstrous suffering. Their curses are indispensable in battle. By weakening opponents, they thereby make them easy prey, which allows them to inflict enormous damage with minimal effort. Read the guide


The lords of nature, graceful and graceful Seroines are another race.They are equally great at finding a common language with People and easily command the forces of the natural elements, calling them to help in difficult times. Seroins can choose two professions — an Archer and a Witch.

Расы Archer: beautiful maidens of the elements, sworn allegiance to nature, and protecting forests with a bow in their hands. They attack enemies from a distance using ranged attacks. Being experts in lightning attacks, they break up the enemy formation, pulling and dispersing the warriors separately, preventing them from completing their tactical maneuvers. Read the guide

Расы The Witch: Sorceresses who disregard the laws of nature and create incredible magic using the power of their mind. They are capable of causing enormous damage to anything that gets in their way both instantly and over time. The witch is an attacking character capable of changing the course of the battle, often causing deadly damage to her enemies. Read the guide


Strong, stocky and cheerful — Vanisians were born to trade, and they do it so skillfully that no one can compete with them. They literally feel the profit, and instantly find themselves where there is an opportunity to earn money by selling something valuable or offer their engineering talents in exchange for a generous reward. Vanisians can choose only one profession — a Gunner

Расы Gunner: A specialist in the use of firearms such as shotguns and cannons. The gunner has a number of unique skills in creating and using multipurpose devices in combat, as well as a powerful long-range attack from a gun. However, the player will have to spend a fortune to effectively and fully realize all the skills of the Gunner. Read the guide