Zendarunskaya sewerage

Зендарунская канализация

The long-abandoned sewage system was once a large and rather complex system. Kubarzen has repeatedly been convinced that even the most resourceful intruders cannot find their way through the intricate labyrinth of sewage tunnels. The Dark Warriors are ready to attack anyone who enters the Zendarunian sewers at any moment. Be careful!

This dungeon is overrun with monsters, which makes it an incredibly good place to level up. However, you will definitely need to gather a group or take a Church girl with you. Also, don't forget to stock up on health and mana potions.

How to get into the Zandarunsky sewer:

  • Talk to the Dungeon Keeper in Lupinel.
  • There is no level limit in this dungeon.
  • The dungeon is recorded for the group and is designed to complete tasks and gain experience.