The struggle for power has been going on for more than one millennium !!!

The forces of good and evil collided in an equal battle!
The fate of the whole world is in your hands!
Make your own story!

In the incredibly colorful and realistic world of Azmar, not only amazing adventures await you, but also the search for answers to the most incredible questions!

Deadly flatta skills and uncompromising world-wide PvP are the most epic turmoil of your life!

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In our video you can get acquainted with all the classes! template/decide_side_for_fight, and decide which side to fight for in the struggle for power!"

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Over the years, the four races have been fighting a bloody merciless battle with the great evil that has come to the world of Azmar. You will not only have to share an exciting and at the same time difficult fate of your chosen race, but also go on exciting and dangerous adventures. Incredible events await you in the incredibly colorful world of Azmar! After all, the fate of the whole world is in your hands!

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The action MMORGP game takes place in the world of Azmara, which is threatened with complete destruction due to the curse of darkness. To save Azmara, the hero must go through many trials, rise to the top of glory and become the mythical warrior Karos. At the moment, the action takes place in six regions, four races and seven classes are available to the player.

However, what makes the game truly unique is the revolutionary "flatt" system, which turns the whole MMORPG mechanics around. "Fletta" is a world source of vital energy, embodied in the form of precious stones. It is for the crystals of "flatta" that there is a struggle between the players, they are the basis for a completely new, complex, multi-stage and multivariate game system.

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After the end of the Ferna war, the Brokion continent of the planet Azmara was relatively calm.

But it turned out that he was not destined to be long.
The war broke out with renewed vigor and even greater cruelty!

The fate of the entire planet is in your hands!
Decide who will win this struggle: good or evil ?!

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You underestimate your power! See how your character will look when you pump it to the maximum. Sharpen it to the fullest!

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