Desert Eristum

! [Eristum Desert] (

  • Eristum card *

Eristum is very different from those locations that we saw in previous updates. This is especially true of the creatures inhabiting the desert - they have become much more dangerous and tenacious!

Christina, who can be found in the Bloodstone location, will help you to get into Eristum.

! [A small settlement Eridan is spread out on the banks of the only oasis.] (Https://

! [Eristum Desert] (

Characters in the city of Eridan

  • Eria - Supply Merchant
  • Bodaef - Fishing equipment
  • Syria - Ride seller. animals
  • Melissa - Pet Seller
  • Hudson - Commission

! [There is a small imperial stronghold in the north - Karanin Castle ] (

In these settlements, you will find all the merchants and artisans you need, as well as replenish supplies, rest and prepare for new adventures.

! [Eristum Desert] (

Characters in Karanin Castle

  • Nessier - Arms Dealer
  • Monsieur - Armor Merchant
  • Grenzelid - Jewel Dealer
  • Najarop - Material Merchant
  • Krugernip - Flett Blossom
  • Loelknim - Mentor
  • Simon - Guild Master
  • Horse meat - Storage
  • Numiriya - Teleport
  • Longinus - Event
  • Phillip - Special Craftsman
  • Teynon - Special Merchant

To conquer new lands, the heroes will need reliable equipment. Eristum's masters will help you craft new armor and weapons. You will be surprised at the quality of the new items, but crafting them will require a significant amount of resources that you can mine in the desert.

Some of the resources can be obtained in the Abandoned Alazmo Mine. ! [Eristum Desert] (

! [Eristum Desert] (

If you want to [mine] (/ about / other / mining /) in an abandoned mine, you must first destroy the guardian who lives there - the dreaded Cyclops.

List of items that can be obtained in the Abandoned Alazmo Mine:

  • A piece of metal from the Alazmo mine
  • Sacred Lucky Cube
  • Crystal of magic
  • Stone of magic
  • Shiny crystal flatta
  • Gadolinite
  • Flettaniy
  • Stone of Ancient Knowledge
  • Fletto Blossom Shard
  • Red latium
  • Gold latium
  • Blue latium
  • Iron ore
  • Silver
  • Precious emerald
  • Platinum
  • Filler
  • Coal
  • Copper ore
  • Adamant ore
  • Gold bar
  • Silver Ingot
  • Stone
  • Useless stone
  • Earth Spirit Shard Lv. 1
  • Shiny Stone of Ancient Knowledge