Bell Tower of the Luper Chapel

! [Belfry of the Luper Chapel] (

Built to alert the inhabitants of Azmara of impending danger, the Bell Tower of the Luper Chapel is considered the most important structure in Azmara's history. But after Ferna's war, something terrible happened. One of the wise men accidentally enchanted the bells of the tower and opened the gates of the abyss. Since then, every time the bell rings, terrible monsters break free and destroy everything around.

Kakanteros, the leader of the dark horde, uses this tower to summon his subjects, ready to do anything to help his master conquer the vast lands of Azmara. Can you defeat Kakanteros?

To get to the Bell Tower of the Luper Chapel

  • Talk to Anne at [Berneo] (/ about / map / berneo /) and take the quest "The Dead Return IV". At the end of the quest, you will receive the Entry Mark for the Luper Chapel Bell Tower.
  • Talk to the Dungeon Keeper in [Tempteron] (/ about / map / tempteron /)
  • The entrance to this dungeon is only allowed from level 10 and above.