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Peltrok is a flat area located in the central part of the Empire. Due to its mystical past, this region still leaves an impression of mystery.

The ruins of the ancient civilization of Carperil are still preserved here. In the west, Peltrok is rich in pastures and rivers, giving way to wildlife as you move east.

In the far east, there is a huge desert, through which you can only go with the help of a guide from the tribe of the Dus, the kings of the desert.

The Carperils are the ancient civilization of Volancia, which is mentioned in the Exodus, sacred scripture. The fire sent by the god Carperil wiped out Filuc and Astrok from the face of the earth. Dry without rain, the land became lifeless. She still keeps the ruins intact since then. These ruins and meteorite craters create a stunning landscape.

The main city of this area is the trading city of Peltrok, which connects the water trade routes along the Enlira River, along which the largest ports are concentrated, teeming with a variety of goods from Brocion. Beef, lamb, as well as any seafood delicacies can be found at the Dragon's Head market. Just think - the city of Peltrok is bigger than Azmara herself!

The whole of Pelterok is like one huge market.

Characters in Peltrok Town

  • Dalas - Craftsman
  • Claudia - Head of sacred animals
  • Maria - Warehouse
  • Fiona - Floletto flowers shop
  • Alelic - Consumables store
  • Dana - Jewelry Shop
  • Dunkeon - Armor Shop
  • Brutus - Miner's Shop
  • Daniel - Guild Manager
  • Uherst - Mentor
  • Loxwell - Fishmonger's Shop
  • Aubrian - Weapon Shop
  • Emma - Teleport

Traffic routes of the city of Peltrok


  • City of Tempteron
  • Dragon Head Peltrock Market
  • Entrance to Balason


  • Gelmenko's Lair