Siege of the Castle

How to take part in the siege of the castle?

  • To participate, you need to talk to the Captain of the Gate and apply for participation in the siege of the castle.
  • The Gate Captain stands in front of Bent Castle in Berneo.
  • Applicant: Guild Master.
  • Contribution fee: Ten million carats.
  • Qualification: The guild level must be 1 or higher (there is no limit on the number of applicants).
  • There are 4 applications for the battle from guilds that have scored maximum points, which are made up of the sum of the number of players and their maximum levels.
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The siege period

  • The NPC administrator is located inside Bent Castle in Berneo.
  • The duration of the battle is 1 hour.
  • The battle takes place on Saturdays at 20:00 (Moscow time).
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The beginning of the siege

  • Talk to the Captain of the Gate and impose a siege of the area.
  • Move to the siege zone through the Captain of the Gate.
  • The beginning of the siege will be notified to everyone who is in the siege area.
  • All participants must come to the siege on their own. There is no automatic teleport.
  • The besieged location is available before the battle begins, but players will be returned to the initial location when the battle begins
  • Players who joined the siege after the start will be moved to different locations, depending on the side they joined (intruders or defenders).
  • Non-participants in the siege can monitor the battles. Observers will also be moved to the initial location.

Victory in the siege of the castle

  • The guild that took the crystal at the end of the siege takes over the castle and is called the winner.
  • The capture and final possession of the crystal and the castle is assigned to the guild, not to the player.
  • Once a guild has successfully occupied a castle, the members of that guild will remain inside the castle. Other players will be moved to their respective starting locations. The castle gate and the crystal tower will be restored.
  • During the battle, the crystal can be captured an unlimited number of times.
  • The winning guild takes control of the castle.
  • The guild that owns the castle can set a tax on any trade transactions and thus earn Carats.
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  • Attackers can attack the castle with siege engines (catapults).
  • Catapults are a strategically important part of the battle for the castle, as they can penetrate the castle walls
  • After the shot is fired, the catapult reloads automatically for a while.
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Exterior walls

  • Besiegers can enter the castle by destroying the outer walls with catapults or simple attacks (characters can attack the walls).
  • If the team captures the crystal during the battle, the walls are restored.
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