Necromancer's workshop

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The necromancer's workshop is a tangled maze of prison cells and narrow corridors in which the heroes will have to find the entrance to the necromancer laboratory and fight the minions of darkness. In the workshop, black magicians and wizards experiment with necromancy on unfortunate prisoners who turn into living dead to serve their new masters.

In order to get to the necromancer's workshop, you can use the teleportation services at Numiriya in Eristum. To do this, your character must be level 100 and pay 100,000 carats.

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As you explore the nightmare labyrinth of the workshop, sooner or later you will have to face the cruel overseers of this dungeon:

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Each of them holds with him his own part of the key of darkness, five fragments of which you need to collect. Once you defeat the guards, the recovered Key Fragments must be taken to Najarop, an artisan from Castle Karanin, to craft the Collected Key of Darkness.

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! [Collected Key of Darkness] (

The collected key of darkness grants access to the Forbidden Laboratory of the Necromancer, but will be destroyed after use. In order to enter the laboratory again, you will need to make a new key.

Fighting with the undead and guards living in the necromancer's workshop, you can get the usual equipment and weapons at level 103.

To get to the laboratory of the necromancer, you need to find a secret passage in the labyrinth of the workshop. As soon as you get close to it, the collected key of darkness will be removed from your inventory and you will be transported to a new dungeon.