Karos has an absolutely unique system of crafts. If you describe it in a nutshell, then the expression "All of Everything" is perfect. And it really is. Starting from pebbles and threads, ending with dragon fangs, everything is in motion. Moreover, if a thing is created from a certain skin, and you have only rags, threads and paint — you can create a suitable material from them. In most cases, this is possible.

 Ремесло Ремесло

Another feature of the craft in Karos is consistency. For example, by buying your first mount, you can gradually improve it, using resources and money for this. The same goes for armor with weapons, which you can also improve.


The craft in the game is done by special NPCs that you can find in every major city. Each craftsman is responsible for the creation and sale of a certain group of goods. So, for example, the gunsmith is engaged in the creation and sale of weapons, and the master of sacred animals breeds and sells mounts, respectively. And besides, there is a race of Vanisians in the game who have this skill as a basic one.