The second stage

Every player who reaches level 45 gets the opportunity to change his profession a second time, which will allow him to learn new skills.


  • Level 45 or higher
  • The first 2 Class Improvements
  • 2- Certificate of class change
  • 100,000 Carats

What is Class Improvement?

Class upgrades prepare your character for the second class change. In addition, depending on the chosen path of development, they give you some bonuses.


  • 1 Class upgrade — At Level 25: costs 20,000 Carats
  • 2 Class upgrade — At Level 40: costs 50,000 Carats

Assignment for obtaining the 2nd Class Change Certificate

  1. In order to become the owner of the second profession, you should go to Peltrok and take the task New Energy I ** from the mentor Ugerst. He will send you to talk to Kilias in Berneo.

Вторая ступеньВторая ступень

  1. Kilias will issue a letter of recommendation and send it back to Ugerst in Peltrok with a task New Energy II.

  2. Ugerst will send you to Helmenko's Lair to test your strength and kill Helmenko's henchmen. You can get into the lair with the help of the dungeon keeper at the location Dragon's Head Market**. To do this, you will need 5,000 carats.

Вторая ступеньВторая ступень

  1. After you receive the items you need for the task, go back to the mentor Ugerst. He will ask you to take the document with the seal to Kilias in Berneo (Proof of strength). As soon as you deliver the paper to Kilias, he will issue you a certificate for a Class 2 change.

  2. To change the class, talk to Kilias and press Upgrade class (for this you need to have 100,000 Carats with you) to change class.