21:00 05.02.2023

Weekday rates | February 06-10

Find out what to download these days!

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00:00 05.02.2023

Feel our love!

Join the celebration with us!

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00:00 05.02.2023

Kestor's relatives

Do not miss the chance to get mystical items from distant lands for almost nothing! Check out Kestor's store and find out about special offers!

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17:00 03.02.2023

Winter weekend

When the insidious cold is trying to pinch your nose, it's time to stay at home, get comfortable in a comfortable chair, craft hot cocoa for yourself and immerse yourself in a warm and cozy game world.

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00:10 03.02.2023

GM Event: "Invasion of Bosses"

Today, the "Boss Invasion" event will be held on the battlefields of the Desktop. Do not miss the opportunity to receive a valuable reward corresponding to the level of the character!

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00:00 02.02.2023

Win the Silver Gift!

Gain real power! You have a unique chance to become the owner of a special award – Silver Gifts of Strength and Wisdom!

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17:00 01.02.2023

Silver Gift – Results

It's time to name the winners!

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13:30 01.02.2023

Snow Jackpot - results

The snow jackpot is over and it's time to congratulate the winners! Hurry up to find out the names of the lucky ones!

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00:10 30.01.2023

Killer Hour — Results

Find out the names of the three most bloodthirsty PvP warriors of your server!

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21:00 29.01.2023

Weekday rates | 30.01 - 03.02

Find out what to download these days!

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