00:10 17.05.2024

The first rays of summer

The long-awaited summer is about to come! Feel its warmth, which our special products will give you!

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00:00 30.05.2024

Legends of Enkensina

The moon goddess Mena is very generous on this night and is ready to share her divine power with every hero. Do not miss the chance to get the moon power!

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13:10 29.05.2024

Meet new servers!

New servers are waiting for their heroes!

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13:10 29.05.2024

The most active server players are Kezra and Cyrus!

Congratulations to the winners who were closest to the coveted maximum level!

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13:10 29.05.2024

Combining servers!

Servers Shuradan-Fortunas and Cyrus, Bent and Kezra have teamed up! Meet the updated servers — Shuradan-Cyrus and Bent-Kezra!

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13:10 29.05.2024

Become the most active player on the new server!

Reach the maximum level on the new server and get the Golden Gift of Wisdom!

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00:10 29.05.2024

New avatars for weapons are already in the store!

New avatars for weapons can now be purchased on direct sale!

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13:40 27.05.2024

Affiliate Program

New affiliate program for streamers

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18:00 26.05.2024

Weekday rates

Have a good time!

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18:00 24.05.2024

Weekend rates

Spend the weekend with benefits!

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