The Zendarunsky crypt

Зендарунский крипт

Found in an abandoned dungeon of a castle in Berne, the Zendarunsky crypt was named the Library of the Elders. He kept the secrets of Azmara and its history in himself. Shortly after the Fern War, the library became a haven for bloodthirsty monsters, killing anyone who dares to enter inside. In other words, they turned the temple of knowledge into a crypt. What is the secret behind the great wall? Can you solve it? Can you find the history book of Azmara, which is kept and so carefully guarded by cruel warriors waiting for you in the dark corridors of the crypt? Do you have the courage to fight them to the death?

In this dungeon you can meet low-level monsters, but be careful there is a dangerous elite Gargoyle roaming the library for beginners.

How to get into the Zandarunsky Crypt:

  • Talk to the Keeper of the dungeon west of the Land of the Executed Berneo.
  • There is no level limit in this dungeon.
  • This dungeon does not require a special pass and is open to all players.