The first steps

After registering an account with GameXP, installing the Hotspot and downloading the game client, you can begin your journey through the world of Karos.

! [Start the game] (

Launch Karos at Hotspot and enter your account name and password to enter the game. After logging in and downloading the latest updates, the "Play" button will become active. It's time to head out to the amazing and adventurous world of Karos!

Character Creation

The next menu prompts you to select the server you want to play on. There are 4 servers available to you to choose from: Eristum, Bloodstone-Positunya, Azmara-Tempteron and Zeron-Balason. Select the server you want to start the game on.

! [Server selection] (

Then you should select the channel. You can change the channel at will during the game. Depending on how full the server is, from three to nine available channels will operate on it.

After that, you can go to the character selection screen and decide which of the presented classes suits you. The following articles on the respective classes will help you make your choice.

On each server, you can create up to four characters.

! [Characters] (

Having chosen a class, you will only have to come up with a name for your character and give it individuality - hair color, face shape and hairstyle. Then you can start the game.

Game Basics

1. Tasks

So, welcome to the world of Karos! If during the game you have any questions, use the help menu (key "H" by default).

Not far from the place of your appearance, you will meet Elder Domingo.

! [Elder Domingo] (

He will offer to complete your first task.

! [First Quest] (

In order to quickly find the required NPC or monster to complete the task, the game has an automatic pathfinding function. One tap is enough for the character to go to the desired goal.

! [Automatic path search] (

The introductory quest chain will help you learn more about the world of Karos, practice controlling your character, learn skills, and get the initial gear to help you in the future.

You can see the list of available tasks in the "task menu" (key "L" by default). With it, you will always find something to do in the game.

! [Quest Menu] (

2. Skills and abilities

To complete most of the tasks, you will need to destroy monsters, collect rare items, fight bosses, and communicate with NPCs. In battle, you will be helped by a wide selection of skills for each character class, including powerful super-skills, the first of which you can acquire after receiving [the first profession] (/ about / profession / first /) and improve on the way to the maximum level.

Using the quick access bar, you can arrange character skills and items in a convenient order. The quick access bar can be expanded or rotated by clicking on the corresponding symbols. You can remove and add the necessary skills and items by simply dragging them from the inventory or the list of skills.

! [Skill bar] (

In the process of completing tasks, as loot or as a reward, you will receive various items of equipment for your class. To change equipment, just right-click on an item in your inventory (key "B" by default), or drag into the character window (key "C" by default).

! [Character window] (

With an increase in the level, the characteristics of the character will increase, and you will also receive skill points that must be spent on learning various skills and abilities. To do this, just open the skills window (the "K" key by default) and invest the available points in those skills that suit you the most.

! [Skill Window] (

While hunting monsters, your character will accumulate a valuable resource - flat points. They can be used to give a character additional characteristics, as a resource for crafting, but most importantly, to learn and improve super-skills.

! [Super Skills Window] (

Travel the world of Karos

There are several ways to navigate the world of Karos.

1. Run

The easiest, but not the fastest, way to get from one point of the world to another is on foot. If you want to move faster, use the speed potion - it will speed up your character by 60 seconds. Also, you can make your character faster by investing flat points in "water".

2. Teleportation (stone)

The return stone can be obtained as a reward for the "New Mission" quest from Anne's character. The stone can be "tied" to any city. This requires:

  • find a memory stone near the main entrance to any city
  • click on the city name in the opened window
  • to save the selected return city, click on the "Accept" button

Using the return stone, you can move with lightning speed from anywhere on the map to the city to which the stone is "tied".

! [Stone of return] (

3. Return Scroll

The return scroll can be bought in any city from a character marked "Consumables shop". In different cities, you can purchase the corresponding Return Scrolls (Berneo Return Scroll, Lupinel Return Scroll, etc.).

Several methods of instant movement can be combined. For example, customize a Return Stone on Berneo and purchase a Return to Lupinel Scroll. Thus, you will be able to move from anywhere on the map to these two cities in a matter of seconds.

! [Return Scroll] (

4. Special characters

In each city, you can find a character marked "Teleport" who, for a certain fee, will instantly transport you to a dungeon or another city.

! [Special Characters] (

5. Mount

There are two ways to purchase a mount. The first is to get the reward for the quest "The Dead Return V" from Anne in Berneo. The second way is to buy from the manager of sacred animals in any city. [More about mounts.] (/ About / sacred-beings /)

! [Mount] (

Daily Rewards

1. Game Diary

After each entry into the game, do not forget to check in the "Game Diary" to receive a game gift. The more regularly you log into the game and note in your diary, the better the reward you receive. In addition to the regular rewards, you will receive rewards from the Guides section of the Game Diary as you learn about the intricacies of the gameplay.

! [Game Diary] (

2. Rewards for the time spent in the game.

Another reward awaits those players who spend a lot of time in the game. You can find out what gift awaits you before exiting the game. Stay in the game for the specified time, and then pick up the item from the in-game mail!

! [Rewards for the time spent in the game] (

Collect all available rewards for your exciting adventures in the Karos world!