18:20 17.05.2022

The new title in the game is external GM!

Fighters, we are glad to inform you about the creation of a new position in Karos and Karos Classic — external GM. Who is it and what do they eat with, you ask?

And we will answer that this title was earned by our most active players, who with blood and sweat sought changes in the game, were always for justice, law and order. We have been looking at our participants for a long time, and now, after spending long hours choosing worthy ones, we are ready to present them to you:
  • [Guardian]Yazvochka — Azmara-Blackforest
  • DeathGun — Mctroy
  • Sasaki — Mctroy
  • Kus — Mctroy
  • PamParamPam — Shuradan
What will external GM's do? Monitor the order on the server, as well as be able to block cheaters. Have you noticed a person who clearly uses third-party software? Rather, turn to an external GM — this sheriff always stands guard over his possessions! Quick expertise, willingness to help and impartiality are the main qualities of these players.
Meet new representatives of the law, remember that we are always open to your suggestions, and let's make the world of Azmara better together!