14:00 14.11.2022

Contest: What hides the darkness?

In our screenshot, any game item, one of the monsters, bosses, or maybe an NPC or part of one of the locations can be disguised. Whatever it is, you need to specify the exact game name in the comments to the contest entry in our VKontakte group.

Take a close look at the screenshot and think about who or what it could be?

Your task is to guess what is hidden by the shadow of darkness and write an answer in the comments to the entry with the contest in our VKontakte community.
And the first one who takes an unprocessed screenshot with what is disguised in the picture will receive an improved reward!
  • The first 5 guesses will receive 20 gxp each!
  • The first person to take a screenshot will receive 30 gxp!

Rewards will be awarded within 3 business days, from the moment the results are announced in our group.
Only true connoisseurs of the game will win!