10:43 03.08.2022

Rebalance of the Tramp class

Dear players!

During the technical work , the following changes were made:


1. Rebalance of the "Tramp" class:
  • The basic value of health for professions: Ripper, Nightwalker, Thug and Black Guard increased by 1000 units.
  • Skill Animation “Bloody Appetite” has been changed to a faster one. The duration of the skill has been increased by 3 seconds at all skill levels.
  • The Combo potion now adds up to 10 pieces in one cell.
  • In the skills "Chopping Blow" and "Chopping Blow 2", the duration of the skill has been increased by 5 seconds.
  • The "Disappearing" skill now adds +10% movement speed.
  • Bonus to physical protection and magical protection from the skill “Bull Gait” "Duelist" is increased at all skill levels by 10 and 20 times, respectively. Skill cooldown increased from 80 to 120 seconds. The duration of the skill has been reduced from 60 to 15 seconds.
  • The "Wrist Capture" skill now gives a debuff of -15% physical attack power.
  • The "Shadow Defense" skill now burns three times more ohms.
  • Skill "Ghost Dance" now burns three times more ohms.
  • The effect of the skill "Veil of Darkness" "Thug", "Black Guard" has been enhanced. Now, depending on the skill level, the character gets from 8 to 25 evasion rating and from 10 to 30 defense rating. The duration of the action and the recovery time of the skill have also been changed. Now both classes have an action time of 40 seconds and a recovery time of 240 seconds.
  • The " Blood Moon Rising" skill now gives: -10% protection rating, -10% physical. protection and -10% coefficient of evasion, when the skill is fully pumped.
  • The "Torch of Destruction" skill now slows down surrounding enemies by 15% instead of 5 and takes them up to 160 ohms instead of 40.
  • The skill "Shadow Defense 2" now burns three times more ohms.

2. The "Summer Adventure" event ended today. We hope you managed to exchange flowers for boxes.
3. Fixed the operation of items: “Small Mana Recovery Potion”, “Medium Mana Recovery Potion” and “Large Mana Recovery Potion“, which restored excessive amounts of mana. Now 80, 160 and 240 ohms are restored every 5 seconds, respectively.

If you find any new error after the technical work, please write to the technical support service.

Have a nice game, heroes!