10:40 15.06.2022

The start of the event "Smile of Fortune"!

The event "Lost Letters" has just ended, and we are already in a hurry to please you with a new quest! Meet the event called"Smile of Fortune"!
To activate it, you need to take a special task from the Gate Bregal NPC and receive Fortune tokens for killing monsters of level 50 and above.

But how to do it?
A player of level 50 and above will have 2 quests available as part of the event:
  • "Fortune Box" (You need to collect 100 Fortune signs, after which the player receives one item from the list below).
  • "Sealed Fortune Box" (You need to collect 75 Fortune signs, after which the player receives one item from the list below).

After finding the right number of Fortune signs, you can open or The Fortune Box, or A sealed Fortune Box that needs a key. Below - details about the prizes!
The composition of the Fortune Box

Mount with a 3-day experience buff1
Stone of Ancient Knowledge100
Concentration Potion (1 hour)2
Weapon protection1
Armor Protection1
The key to the Happy Cube1
Necklace of Life (1 day)1
Experience Ring (1 day)1
Happy Earrings (1 day)1
Happy Earrings (7 days)1
Activity Potion2
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion4
A small health recovery potion4
A small Mana Recovery Potion4
Hot chocolate5
Christmas candy5
Christmas cookies5
Tombstone tablet5
Platinum Guardian Angel2
Squad calls5

The Composition Of The Sealed Fortune Box

Fletta's Platinum Booster5
Mount with experience buff (14 days)1
Medium Recovery Potion90
Stone of Ancient Knowledge200
An excellent stone of the Wise8
Vrok Extract5
Lucky Stone2
Protective capsule2
Medium OZ Quick Recovery Potion100
Weapon protection1
Weapon protection5
Armor Protection1
Armor Protection5
Small OZ/OHM Increase Potion (24 hours)5
Activity Potion (20 minutes)6
The Game Assistant's Vitality Potion6
Large bag of high quality (eternal)1
High Quality Large bag (30 days)1
Platinum Guardian Angel5
Platinum Concentration Potion (1 hour)2
Hot chocolate10
Christmas candy10
Christmas cookies10

Hurry up to find the signs of Fortune, and may luck always be on your side!