14:00 28.04.2022


Now the game will be more intense, and battles and battles will become even more exciting! After all, the players of the servers Shuranak and Nabidan (New Azmara) will now play together in the same game world, which means they will find new friends and opponents!

We ask you to familiarize yourself with the changes that have occurred in connection with the merger:
  • The prefixes "s1j_", "s20j_" are added at the beginning of the name to all the names of the characters and guilds of the combined server that match. All characters to whom the prefix "s1j_" or "s20j_" has been added will soon be credited with a name change scroll. Guild masters whose names have been prefixed with "s1j_" or "s20j_" will be credited with a scroll to change the guild name.
  • If you had characters on both servers, then characters from the Nabidan server (New Azmara) will be displayed by default. In order to open access to characters from the Shuranak server, it is necessary to delete an unnecessary character and restore the desired one using a special page.
  • All the items that were at the auction were returned to the post office.
  • Account repositories have been merged. If your storage is full, then you need to free up space in it, then after restarting the game, the missing items will come to empty cells.
  • Items from the GXP backpack were placed in the character's account storage. If there are no items in the Personal Storage, then you need to get some of the items from the storage and restart the game.
  • All items from the account storage have been moved to the inventory of the first character in the selection menu. If your inventory is full, you should free up space in it and restart the game. Items will appear in free cells.
    It may be necessary to change the channel several times to get all the items.
    Do not rush to delete the characters immediately after joining, go to them and check the condition of the inventory.

  • Of course, all the players' possessions, their mail, friend lists and similar things were saved!

To get items from an overflowing account storage, you will need:
  1. When logging in to the server, enter the game as the first character in the list.
  2. Some of the items from the overflowing storage will be added to the main backpack of the character.
  3. Make sure that there are free cells in the main backpack, then change the channel to get some of the items from the storage.
  4. To get all the items, you may need to change the channel several times.
If you find a bug or problem, please report it in the comments or contact technical support.
Have a nice game!