18:00 20.04.2022

New server Nabidan

Fighters, you waited, you hoped, and here it is – a new server! We present to your attention Nabidan is an unusual place that will allow you to remember those wonderful times of Karos, when newcomers and old–timers had equal opportunities
What does it mean? Has communism come to Karos? Not quite, but close! Interesting Nabidan chips that will definitely not leave you indifferent:
• This server is the twin brother of our beloved Azmara–Blackforest. This means that all your characters will be saved with the same nicknames and the same levels, but there is one "but".
• We came to a compromise between our wise old-timers and active newcomers: only those characters whose level is higher than 36 were transferred to the new server from Azmara-Blackforest! This means that experienced players will be able to keep their favorite characters at the same level, and newcomers will have an incredible opportunity to catch up with old-timers on new characters. How so?
• All the heroes will come to this server with a clean past: there will be no carats, armor, items – in short, new opportunities to plunge into the farm and search for uniforms. Welcome to the beginning of the journey!
• A world without Guilds. I have long wanted to found a brotherhood, but the decision was postponed from time to time because of the great competition? Nabidan was literally created in order to start writing his story from scratch!
Is that what you wanted? You got it! And we do not intend to stop there. Right now we are working on improving the game and we will be glad if you continue to send your cool ideas and suggestions. We will be happy to read all the suggestions!
See you in the vastness of Nabidan, fighters!