16:30 30.05.2024

Silver Gift – Results

Dear friends!
The "Win a Silver Gift" campaign has come to an end! It's time to take stock and name the winners, who will soon receive their well-deserved award!
Silver Gift of Power (Weapon +1) wins:
  • hummer (Bent-Kezra)
  • x13casandra13x (Azmara-Blackforest)
  • s29_Skylitee (Bent-Kezra)
Silver Gift of Wisdom (Wings +7) wins:
  • LOVEKRAFT (Bent-Kezra)
  • Stockfish (Bent-Kezra)
  • s28_Galadriel (Bent-Kezra)
Silver Gift of Protection (Armor +1)
  • Gone Cube (Azmara-Blackforest)
  • DamageD (Bent-Kezra)
  • Chardetsky (Shuradan-Cyrus)

Gifts will be awarded to the winning characters.
After receiving the prizes, the winners need to contact the support service, in the section "I pulled the prize out of the box, how do I get it now", indicate their nickname, inform the transaction ID (you can look in the purchase history) and indicate the item you want to improve. Do not forget to specify the exact name of the item, as well as the parameters that it currently possesses (the current level of enchantment, stones and other additional characteristics).
We wish you a pleasant game!