13:10 29.05.2024

Meet new servers!

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of our new servers Zarnitsa (Dawnspark) and Blackwing (Darkwing)! They are simultaneously opening their doors to new heroes!
The Zarnitsa server (Dawnspark) is located in Russia, and the Blackwing server (Darkwing) is located in South America.
If you want to immerse yourself in the world of your favorite game again or try to study one of the seven classes with all their unique specializations, now is the perfect time!
Break into new servers and choose your path:
  • Take the first nickname you like!
  • Conquer the most difficult bosses and defeat a huge number of enemies in PVP!
  • Learn a new, unfamiliar class for yourself and start pumping his skills from scratch!
  • Join a guild or create a new one and make lots of friends!
  • Choose your path!

An amazing world awaits you, ready for your conquest and great feats! Do not waste time, go into the game and become a pioneer of these lands!