13:40 27.05.2024

Affiliate Program


Have you been streaming your favorite game for a long time and want to start working with us? Then now is your time!
We have updated the rules of cooperation! Unfortunately, we no longer cooperate with content makers.

Terms of participation

  • Compliance with the rules of the game and the rules of the Site;
  • The absence of "markups" on the channel, including the promotion of the channel/participant's video on pirated servers, currency sales resources, or using third-party tools/services/platforms;
  • Respectful attitude to others in the game, on official platforms and channels of the participant.


Bonuses and rewards

Exclusive rewards that are available only to the best streamers of the affiliate program:
  • Access to the stream channel and streamer support in our social networks.


How to participate in the Program

  • Fill out the participant form;
  • Be over 18 years old;
  • When deciding on cooperation, the Community Manager will contact you at Discord; If you haven't been contacted, then don't worry, try to improve your content and apply again.
  • GameXP reserves the right to revise the above conditions at any time. It can also temporarily suspend or completely cancel the Affiliate Program by introducing new restrictions and prohibitions. In case of such changes, GameXP will make appropriate additions or changes to the Affiliate Program, which will become effective from the moment of its publication, without additional notification. Users are encouraged to independently monitor and familiarize themselves with all changes in this document.

Exclusion from the Affiliate Program occurs in case of violation of the terms and/or non-compliance with the requirements of the Affiliate Program and/or at the discretion of GameXP team members.