10:45 06.09.2023

Rebalance of the second profession of the Witch class: Priestess!

Witches are mysterious magicians capable of rewriting the very foundations of the world. This time they decided to rewrite the history of the Churchwomen — who have a unique ability to strengthen the strength and survival ability of their comrades in battle. The priestess is a representative of the Churchwomen, unwaveringly faithful to her comrades, always ready to support and help them in the most difficult moment.

Meet the rebalance of the Priestess!


The churchwoman

• The scope of the skill "Group Treatment" has been significantly increased.

The Priestess

• The skill "Blessing of Protection II" now blocks 30% of the damage received. The duration of the skill is 20 seconds. Recovery is 60 seconds.
• The skill "Cure II" now additionally restores 10% of the target's health. The application time has been increased to 2 seconds.
• The skill "Group Treatment II" additionally restores 20% of the target's health. The application time has been increased to 3 seconds. The scope of action has been significantly increased
These figures are relevant for the maximum skill level. At lower levels, the numbers will be different.
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